Berry farm

Berry farm


Our farm has a long tradition in berry growing. Strawberry harvesting began in the 1970´s after the farm no longer had livestock. The gently sloping fields facing the South form an idyllic environment for our berries to grow. We enjoy our work as farmers/gardeners.

Our varieties of strawberry include Honeoye, which grows early in the season. Our main harvest variety of strawberry is Polka which is a favourite among our customers. Both these varieties can be appreciated fresh and frozen. Our raspberry variety is Ottawa. It grows vertically and is easy to pick as it is a larger berry. Our blackcurrant varieties include Ojeby and Ben Tron.

We sell berries directly from Raijan Aitta throughout the harvesting season. Customers can also pick their own berries at our farm. We sell berries roadside during the summer months at the Aumakivi layby along the Mikkeli –Puumala road (road 62).

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